Apply for Help

“More than 1 billion people worldwide had untreated vision loss in 2020, even though 90% of the cases could have been prevented or treated” (JAMA, 2021). Sadly, financial hardship prevents many people from seeking treatment for vision loss or impairment.

The George Foundation for Sight Restoration is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates through volunteer fundraising and individual and corporate donations. Dr. George is excited to expand his vision of restoring sight to include those who cannot afford ophthalmologic procedures.

Dr. George, Dr. Pazandak, and the Tylock-George Eye Care team are excited to provide cataract surgeries and associated medications at no cost to qualified patients with financial hardship and medical need. Dr. George and his team believe that everyone should have comprehensive eye care and treatment.

The George Foundation for Sight Restoration is proud to partner with Cedar Springs Eye Clinic for potential surgery recipient screening and after-care. To apply for help, please contact Cedar Springs at 214-528-7354. When calling, mention you are applying for free or reduced cataract surgery through the George Foundation for Sight Restoration.

George Foundation for Sight Restoration applicants should meet the following criteria:

  • have cataracts that diminish their quality of life.
  • be near or below the Texas poverty line (see
  • have a best corrected visual acuity in their best eye worse than 20/40.
  • understand that this procedure will be performed with a single vision conventional lens.
  • know that they may need spectacles following the procedure to achieve the best corrected visual acuity.
  • understand that this procedure will be performed at no charge for just one eye
  • prepare a one time, annual $30 eye exam fee is required to apply for help.
  • expect that cataract surgery will improve their functional vision.